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Make beer the natural choice for the responsible drinker

We want a sociable world where our beers are developed, marketed, sold, and consumed with high regard for individual and community wellbeing.

Our beers add to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers. Beer has a long history at the heart of social occasions and celebrations. The harm from its abuse however, can be serious for individuals, communities and society. We must boldly do our part to help tackle the problems caused by the harmful use of alcohol.

We will make beer the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker. Our comprehensive policies help our employees and partners to meet our demanding standards on producing our products to encourage responsible consumption. Our sound principles are backed by programmes to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Our Response

We want our products to bring the enjoyment of life to consumers through responsible drinking. We provide accurate information about our products. We implement responsible marketing, and in partnership with stakeholders to promote responsible drinking as well as discourage underage drinking and alcohol abuse.

Responsible Marketing Practices
We conduct responsible commercial communication which will not aim at underage appeal or portray irresponsible drinking situations. Our responsible marketing adheres to strict internal regulations and local applicable laws including product (brand) advertising in media, packaging, brand promotions, point-of-sale materials as well as brand sponsorship.

Should you have any concern or complaint about our advertising and marketing, please send us an email to customerfeedback@vn.sabmiller.com. We listen and respond to your concerns with respect and consideration.


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